REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle
REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle
REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle
REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle
REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle
REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle
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REFORM Tantalus Custom Fit Saddle

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The Tantalus features our patented Thermo-Moldable Technology paired with anodized Titanium rails and a grippy, durable micro-fiber covering. Developed with the help of Jesse Melamed and the Rocky Mountain/Raceface Enduro team, the Tantalus leans towards off road Gravel or mountain cycling, but because it’s molded to you on your own bike it will offer comfort and performance wherever and however you choose to ride it. Our Thermo-Moldable Technology allows the Tantalus to form to your unique sit bones, meaning you can ride longer and perform at your best.

Designed in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain EWS team.

“When you are racing at the top level of sport you look for every possible advantage and when the majority of your race day is spent in the saddle a custom molded one makes a difference; and that’s just race day not the countless hours spent training on the trails, on the road or in the basement on the trainer.  All the hard work, training and time on the saddle has paid off.”

Jesse Melamed – 2022 EWS Series Champion

*Price does not include AC Adapter*


1. Mount your bike in stationary bike trainer. Install your Reform saddle. Plug the saddle into the proprietary heating unit.

2. Hop on your bike. Set a timer based on the included forming instructions, turn on the A/C unit and pedal for the recommended 3-5 minutes while the saddle heats. Once heated, turn off the A/C unit and continue pedalling for another 5 minutes while the saddle cools.

3. You’re done! Enjoy your custom moulded saddle.

*Note that the price is for the saddle only. Once purchased, the customer have to bring their bike down and we will fit the saddle for your bike.


W 142mm
L 245mm
H 47mm at centre rail

7mm Ti Rails w/ anodizing, no 2 is the same.

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