We were born in a country with deep cycling roots--where even non-cyclists know about Pedro Delgado and Miguel Indurain‘s legacy. We were born in a cosmopolitan city where art and culture have always been at the forefront of our identity, both as people and place. Historically and to this day, Madrid revolves around art--from graffiti to Goya. We strive to reflect this complex culture in its ever-changing nature through our clothing.

We were born in the Bola del Mundo, one of the big climbs in Madrid’s Sierra, where you can pedal up a pass that has set the backdrop for many riveting moments in cycling history. While staying true to our heritage, we seek to disrupt the cycling world with contemporary design and exceptional quality. 

We’ve been uniquely contributing to the cycling world since 2015. Our founder and fellow cyclist, Hugo Huerga, originally sought to make cycling kits that would express his friends’ contemporary, streetwear style--a kit his friends would be excited to put on and proud to wear. He started researching Spanish production and settled on a factory in the south. Out of a small chunk of savings and no experience came the first batch of NDLSS kits. 

On a whim, he decided to post a couple jerseys and bibs he had lying around on a small e-commerce site and orders from faraway places started trickling in. Shocked and in a state of disbelief, Hugo let himself seriously dream about NDLSS as a bigger project. NDLSS was set in motion. What started as a cyclist producing some kits for his friends has turned into a company that designs and produces locally, yet sells cycling kits around the world. From close, communal roots, the NDLSS team has been able to craft a high-quality brand with fresh designs that can be found riding all over the globe.


We engineer technically-superior kits that take care of you and challenge both cycling and activewear aesthetics. We firmly believe that “Cycling is being the strongest or the weakest, the spinner or the pusher, the Fred or the pro...that nobody gets dropped,” Hugo Huerga.  Whether you’re the fastest or the Fred, you deserve quality gear that also expresses your modernity and inspires you to go farther in fit, performance, and aesthetic details. 

When collaborating with our factories, NDLSS has made a reputation for itself as extremely detail-oriented and unable to accept even minor mistakes--a sleeve that’s a quarter cm too short, a collar that slightly tugs at the back of the neck, a thick pocket that doesn’t properly ventilate. Our never ending desire to create a perfect kit means our kits only get better and our relationship with our factories stays tight so we can provide our community with always-improved gear.


When designing our staple collections, Fast and Away, we look for inspiration in places that have yet to be explored by the cycling world: architecture, sculpture, paintings, or even a beautiful bowl. We find new, great, evocative designs and translate them to cycling jerseys. We push the limits of colors and fades and experiment with our signature design elements to push against the definition of a cycling kit. We want to instill foundational cycling values in grander spheres by creating relevant garments that express culture and art.

Apart from creating cool, quality cycling kits, our brand philosophy focuses on artist collaborations on an international level. We’re on a never-ending mission to perfectly blend the most sophisticated fashion and design with the highest quality cycling gear--a feat that leans on the community and its creativity. We seek out all types of relevant designers and artists who can provide us with an expansive perspective on fashion, design, and functionality. We’re tuned into the art that’s around us to ensure our designs remain cutting edge.