How Reform Saddle started

Mike Perreten and Tom Edstrand started making Landyachtz skateboards in a basement in 1997.  Through many years of hard work and innovative thinking, Landyachtz has substantially impacted how people skateboard and develop skate products.  

In 2015 Mike was putting a lot of miles on his road bike.  On one occasion he pushed his body to its absolute limit during a race to Whistler, BC.  His whole body was suffering but the pain from his saddle was the most significant.  It got him thinking about why there have been so many developments in cycling, yet the saddle seemed relatively unchanged.  Coming from a competitive ski racing background, Mike experienced the importance of ski boot moulding and the difference comfort can make in performance.  The wheels started turning on how to make a mouldable saddle. 

 Like so many things the idea was great but the execution of doing this was extremely challenging.  Our team has put over 5 years of development into what you now see in the revolutionary Reform saddle.  A saddle moulded for you.